Personal and Business Goal Setting

Let’s prepare for 2023 by talking about your personal and business goals! Today, Dan Fischer will give you his best guidance on setting your goals and working to achieve them in a new Sales Brew video.


Hello, I’m Dan Fischer with Anthony Cole Training Group, and welcome to this week’s Sales Brew on a timely topic: Personal and Business Goal Setting. Let’s talk about personal goals and dreams first. We find that many people don’t write down their personal goals. Why do you think that is? Don’t allow yourself to do that. They’re too darn important. Begin by doing a brain dump and start writing down your personal goals and your dreams. Remember, there is no goal that is too small, too big, too far. Write down as many goals as you can. You might come up with 20 to 30. You might come up with a hundred, that’s fine. Write ’em down. Come back the next day and narrow that list down to your top 12. Then take those 12 and narrow that list down to your top three to five. You’ll end up with three to five personal goals that are rock solid and non-negotiable.

Don’t be afraid to share your goals either with your family, your friends, your coworkers, or your leadership team. They can help you stay on track with your business goals. Think about the behaviors and the activities you need to have in place in order for you to hit your goals. It could be the number of prospect outreaches by phone and email each week, the number of meetings set, the number of proposals given, and how many closed one opportunities you need to have those activities in place. This is what I call the small things you need to do in order for the big things (goals) to happen.

Also, think about the things that you need to stop doing in 2023 that you did in 2022 that prevented you from being your best this year. And really important, when you’re all done, keep your goals in a place where only you can see them. Review your goals at least once a quarter and make adjustments if you need to. That’s okay. Last, think or dream about how you’re gonna celebrate when you do accomplish your goals. Who are you gonna celebrate with? Who are you gonna thank? Hey, all the best to you. Happy holidays.


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