There is Nothing Wrong with Being #2: Sales Action Plan for Future Success

When you find yourself as your prospect’s second choice, it’s time to initiate a sales action plan to ensure future success. Watch below as Sales Development Expert Dan Fischer tells us why there’s nothing wrong with being #2, and how to work on your sales action plan.

From Sales Development Expert, Dan Fischer


Hello. I’m Dan Fischer with Anthony Cole Training Group. And welcome to the Sales Brew that asks the question, “Is there anything wrong with being number two?” Can you imagine for a second, Michael Jordan saying after not winning a championship, “You know, I’m okay. Coming in runner up is okay with me.”

No, that never would’ve happened. Would it? Although there’s many similarities between selling and sports, being number two and selling really isn’t that bad, but let me explain. I’m not talking about number two as the runner up on a deal. I’m talking about positioning yourself for when your prospect does have a problem that must be fixed. You’ll be right there because now you’re top of mind. If you have a prospect that you’ve always wanted to write, but now just isn’t the right time, get yourself into that number two spot. How do you do that? By simply asking them this question: “I’m curious. How would you suggest that I positioned myself so that when you’re ready to move from your relationship, you automatically think of me first?”

When you get the answer you were looking for, start your sales action plan. Here’s some tips to consider.

#1: establish your credibility, and learn everything you can about that prospect. A good way is to know and understand their supply chain. Their first impression is not about the product or the service that you sell, it’s about you. Get better at you.

#2: be consistent with your communication by sending relevant information. I’d say at least once a month. When you get the opportunity to meet with them again, make that interaction a conversation, not an interrogation.

#3: stay in step with them. Know what changes are taking place within their company and know what their opportunities are. You know, times have really changed, including selling haven’t they. So put yourself in a position of being front and center when your number is called, and always remember “number two” really isn’t that bad.

Hey, thanks for watching, and make it a great day.

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