Sales Brew: The Mindset of a Champion

Traits of a Champion

What we know about champion salespeople is:

  • They have a strong desire to be successful in selling
  • They are committed to success in selling
  • They are coachable
  • They have meaningful goals

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By Tony Cole, CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group

I’m going to speak specifically to the mindset of a sales champion. Over the last several years we have conducted a Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis for over a dozen sales organizations as a whole and some very specific information about those that are the champions of those organizations.

Hello, this is Tony Cole and welcome to this week’s Sales Brew. Over the next 2.5 minutes, I will share with you what we know about champion salespeople. There are many traits that champions have but these are the 10 that we find they all have in common:

  1. They have strong desire to be successful in selling
  2. They have commitment to be successful in selling- commitment is defined as the willingness to do everything possible to succeed assuming ethical, legal and more standards
  3. They have an unbelievably positive outlook- that doesn’t mean they look at life in sales through rose colored glasses- it means they ignore the noise and do their job
  4. They are coachable- they know they don’t know it all. They sit at the front of the class and are sponges for information on how to do “it” better
  5. They do not flinch when they are rejected- they know that it can’t be them the prospect is saying no to. They have said no to a proposal, solution, the pricing or changing a relationship
  6. They have meaningful goals that push them up and over the steep climbs towards success
  7. They recognize that a gate keeper is just that- a gate keeper. They treat those people with respect, they ask for help and they persist when they are faced with objections
  8. They love to compete against others
  9. They respond very well to outside pressure
  10. They hate to lose

To add to this list, it is important to note that champions are truly a result of nature, nurture and what Peter Jensen calls a 3rd factor. It’s a factor that contributes to success that drives their internal motivation. The motivation is charged with emotion. They have an emotion that is hard-wired into their brain so that they make decisions that are consistent with the emotion they have. The emotion is derived from either a strong desire to remove themselves from a current, painful situation or pull towards a future desired state. Regardless of the origin, champions have passion and energy to succeed.

How do you measure up? How does your team measure up against the champions? Follow the link above to see how your sales team measures up against champions in the 21 crucial elements for success. As always, thank you and have a perfect day.