Identifying Sales Coaching Needs: An Analysis EVERY Company Should Execute

Identifying Sales Coaching Needs

Regardless of the current state of affairs, GREAT organizations go through a constant assessment of where they are. They look at lagging metrics, leading metrics, and success metrics.  They consider that data to help them identify the answer to these three questions…

  1. What should we keep doing?

  2. What should we start doing?

  3. What should we stop doing?

Note: Often the 3rd question is the most important of the three.

Here are examples.

  1. There is a scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber, where Lloyd is talking to Mary and he asks her about his chances of them being an “item”. She says “not very good”. He asks something about the odds. Mary responds with 1 out of a million. Lloyd responds with; “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”
  2. The second example is personal. I kid with my family that all babies and dogs love me. They know that to be NOT exactly true. Dogs have a tendency to hunker away, and babies often run the other way. Alex’s daughter, Harper, is a great example of the latter.  Jeni’s dog Stella is the dog that hunkers or sneaks away whenever I am in the kitchen cooking.  Juliet, Alex’s youngest, on the other hand gets this radiant glow on her face, smiles, waves, signs “more” and starts the motion of playing patty cake. She loves me. This morning I am having that discussion with Alex and she says the following: “Well, there was bound to be one [that liked you].”

My point is to stop doing this one thing: Stop believing that isolated instances are a trend.  Just because one of your salespeople:

  • Had 1 good month of activity
  • One nice size sale
  • Got an introduction from a client
  • Showed up at your sales meeting without complaining


Identify your Sales Coaching Needs

To identify sales coaching needs, trends, potential of current team members, and candidates for sales you need data. To get this data, start doing the following:


Audit your Sales Team

Do a complete assessment of your current sales team so that you can identify their Will to Sell, Sales DNA, and Sales Competencies. With 92% predictability, this will help you identify what coaching areas need to be addressed so that your people can get better. Click here to learn this information about your sales team.


Build and Create a Repeatable Process

Build a Sales Success Formula based on Milestone-Centric Sales Process. This Milestone-Centric Sales Process should have workflows and checklist.


Talk to your Employees

Implement huddles. Read information from Verne Harnish on the value of Huddles and or click here to learn more.

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