Handling Objections in Sales


“Objection, Your Honor. Overruled. I strenuously object.” Maybe you remember that from the Demi Moore character in the movie A Few Good Men. That courtroom scene where she strenuously objected. Maybe you’ve seen your prospects provide strenuous resistance when they deliver objections.

Good day, everyone. This is Mark Trinkle, Chief Growth Officer for Anthony Cole Training Group. And I just want to spend a minute or two with you today talking about objections. Let’s reframe objections. Most people get really excited about it. They get a little concerned. But actually, I think it was Brian Tracy who said an objection is an opportunity for you to learn or access more information. And on the screen before you is something that probably isn’t a surprise if you’ve been around Anthony Cole Training Group for a while. And that is the Effective Selling System. And we use the baseball diamond.

Where first base, that first conversation is you’re looking for the prospect to share with you a compelling reason or a motivation why they need to make a change. Do they have a problem they have to fix? Second base: capacity. Do they have the time to deal with it now, the bandwidth to deal with it? And then at third, clarity, will they agree to make a decision in exchange for your presentation or your proposal?

Do you know what an objection is? It’s an opportunity for you to learn just a little bit more about something that might be going wrong at each of those bases. Maybe they’re objecting to going forward when their problem really isn’t a problem they have to fix. Maybe they are objecting to the capacity, step or stage where they’re wondering, “Do I really have the time to deal with it now?” And then over at third, maybe they are objecting to being in a position to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ upon delivery of your presentation.

I encourage you, look at those objections as an opportunity for you to dig just a little bit deeper into the sales process and uncover more information I don’t need to view and you don’t need to view objections as a bad thing. They could possibly be a good thing. And you might get the information that will propel you forward or have you conclude that you need to step away from the opportunity. What objections do you have to dealing with objections differently? Have a great day.


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