It’s Time to Examine Your Will to Sell


I talk to salespeople every day who tell me they want to achieve more, they are going to change their ways, and the results will follow.  If only it were that easy.

This is Walt Gerano and welcome to this week’s edition of the Sales Brew.

The Objective Management Group, an organization that has evaluated over 2.5 million salespeople, have identified the 21 core competencies that are crucial to success specifically for salespeople.  There are 10 tactical competencies(skills), 6 DNA traits (beliefs and actions) that support or limit success and finally 5 that fall under the category of “will-to-sell”.

Of course, they are all important but today I want to talk about why the will to sell competencies might be the most important of all.

 Desire – desire measures your overall drive to achieve success in sales, in other words do you “really” want it?   Sales, like a lot of things, can be tough at times, desire is what keeps you going.

Commitment – the willingness to do whatever it takes (assuming legal, moral, and ethical boundaries) to achieve success.  Commitment is not conditional; you are either in or you are out.

Motivation – there are two components to motivation:

  1. Are you motivated?
  2. How are you motivated?

Knowing the power behind your motivation helps you plow through behaviors when you get stuck.  It’s you WHY!

Outlook – how do you feel about yourself, the company you work for, the people you work with and finally the people you call on.  When any of these are out of alignment, we struggle to do the behaviors we know we need to execute to succeed.  Gotta have the head right.

Responsibility – do you take responsibility when you don’t get the results you want, or do you make excuses?  No gray area here.

Of course, all 21 are important but when you have a strong Will to Sell you are coachable, able to understand what behaviors need to change (DNA) and possess the desire, commitment, and motivation to change.  The same thing is true for the tactical selling skills, these are learned behaviors.  Without them it is a tough road.

As the saying goes where there is a “will” there is a way.


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