Sales Brew: CRM- You Gotta Love It!

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Here is a list of things to do to get the most out of your CRM:

  1. Commit to start your day with it
  2. Record all conversations, e-mails and tasks in your CRM
  3. Have it open all the time

and more…

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By Walt Gerano, Sales Development Expert for Anthony Cole Training Group

Does your sales process consistently put you in front of prospects that fit your target profile?  Do you sometimes “settle” for whoever you can get in front of?  Do you lose track of leads and miss critical follow up events?

Hello, this is Walt Gerano with Anthony Cole Training Group and welcome to this week’s sales brew that asks the question, “what kind of relationship do you have with your CRM?’
There has never been a lack of sales resources available, everything from lead generation services, training, books, seminars and webinars.  Now there is technology that, when properly utilized, will help you create more leads, increase the speed and effectiveness of your sales process and help with client retention and satisfaction.

Of course I am talking about your CRM.

I know some of you may not have taken the plunge yet and others started out and fizzled out.

All the information for my suspects, prospects, clients and centers of influence in one place.  In fact anything that drives your business results can be managed with your CRM.

The most important thing about a CRM is making sure you use it. Here is list of things to do to get the most out of this great tool.

  1. Commit to start your day with it. It will help make sure that important things get done.
  2. Record all conversations, e-mails and tasks. Keeping a diary of conversations will help you maintain continuity of the sales process.
  3. Have it open all the time. Some people want to go back and put things in later. You know how well that works.
  4. Review you active opportunities. Looking at the stage of your deals in the pipeline help to keep it moving.
  5. Don’t take a week off to input all of your leads and clients. Add them as you touch them.

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