3 Reasons Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work, and the Solution: Customized Sales Training Programs

Customized Sales Training Programs

Typical sales training does not work- why? Chief Growth Officer Mark Trinkle shares 3 reasons why and discusses customized sales training programs in a new video.


Good day everyone. My name is Mark Trinkle. I have the privilege of serving as the Chief Growth Officer for Anthony Cole Training Group. And today I just want to invite you to a fireside chat. The fire is roaring behind me. We’ve got plenty of firewood on the hearth, and I just want to have a conversation about, well, maybe you’ll think this is a peculiar topic, but the conversation is about why sales training doesn’t work. I’m gonna repeat that. Why it does not work, why companies all over the country are engaging in sales training only to be disappointed. And in our fireside chat, I’m gonna give you three reasons why number one, the wrong people get trained on the wrong things. Now, if you’ve been around our company at all, you know that we have deep seated conviction table pounding conviction that before a customized sales training program should start, you should first assess your sales people.

If you don’t, aren’t you guessing, aren’t you asking the training firm to guess on who gets trained and on what topics? Number two, the second reason why sales training fails, not enough repetition. The thought exists out there that, well, hey, we did a training session. We’re good go. We took everybody offsite. We had a nice meal the night before. Maybe some stragglers at the bar were a little late the next morning, but we’re good. We checked that box.

Listen, if you think that way, let me help save your money. Don’t spend money on a one day or a two day training and think that that’s gonna get the job done. I don’t care whether it’s guitar, or golf, or archery, or dance. The acquisition of a new skill is only going to happen if there is considerable spaced repetition. And the number three, the third reason why sales training does not work.

Why people are disappointed. It’s not a customized sales training program. Now, when I say customization, I’m talking about on two fronts. Number one, it needs to be customized to your industry. And number two, it needs to be customized to your company. It needs to exist within your specific culture. You know, a sales process needs to be customized. We have a sales process that we’ve used for years, but when we go in and begin to work with a client, we customize it even further. Don’t buy sales training off the shelf, make certain that if you’re going to make a considerable investment in training your people, and I’m assuming you’re doing that because you have eye expectations, make certain it’s customized, make certain the right people are trained on the right things, because it is driven off of data. Make certain there is enough repetition over the span of 12 months and make certain that whatever training you pick, and I’m not worried about it being us, whomever decide to have as your training partner, make certain that they are providing you with a high level of customization, both with the sales process, they teach your people, but also the customized solutions that they bring to the table. Have a great day.


From Chief Growth Officer, Mark Trinkle

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