Customizing Your Personal Sales Approach

Customizing Your Personal Sales Approach

How do you differentiate yourself so that you don’t walk, talk or act like every other salesperson? Walt Gerano shares a new video about customizing your personal sales approach.


If you watched our sales brew last week, and I hope you did, you heard Mark talk about how we provide customized training and coaching solutions and how we get there because of the approach we take. (If you missed it you can view it on our website under the sales brew tab).

Hello, this is Walt Gerano with Anthony Cole Training Group and welcome to this edition of the Sales Brew.

We have a saying that we don’t want you to walk, talk or act like every other salesperson.  The prospect can’t possibly think that if you sound like all the others that you and your process are any different.  So, let’s begin by customizing your approach, starting with your first outreach.

  • Do you ask questions that are compelling, or do you sound like everyone else?
  • Does your messaging identify the kinds of problems you solve, besides price?
  • Are you preparing a pre-call plan for each call to make sure you have identified questions specific to THEIR business?
  • Do you take the bait when you hear a problem and immediately start talking about solutions?
  • Are you talking to the decision maker?
  • Do you have a list of “Why Am I Here” questions?
  • Are you listening to talk, or listening to understand and create a conversation?

These are only a few of the things that allow you to have a discussion with your prospect that is probably unlike any other they have had with your competition.

When your focus is on them you can build solutions that are customized to their specific needs and not something “off the shelf.”

Now some of you might be saying my business is different, I must play be the buyers’ rules, or I won’t get a chance to present at all.  Good luck with that strategy.  It might be a good thing to walk away if they don’t fit what YOU are looking for.

Thanks for listening…


From Sales Development Expert, Walt Gerano

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