The Power of Customer-Centric Selling: Putting Your Clients First for Sales Success

Are you practicing customer-centric selling, or do you find yourself veering towards a self-centered sales approach? A key indicator lies in the language you use. Ask yourself: do your conversations predominantly commence with “I,” “we,” and “me,” or do they prioritize “you” and “yours”? A glance at your emails provides another clue. Examine the opening words of each paragraph—are they saturated with self-references, or do they genuinely address how your company can benefit the customer?

Consider your listening habits as well. Are you listening to learn, actively engaging with the customer by asking follow-up questions to understand their needs better? Alternatively, are you simply listening to respond, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to interject with your own spiel?

How to Practice Customer-Centric Selling

Evaluate your proficiency in demonstrating business acumen. Can you articulate the customer’s current situation before they do? A customer-centric approach involves understanding their business and industry intricacies, discussing potential growth inhibitors, and proposing how your solutions can alleviate their challenges.

Furthermore, reflect on your mindset during interactions. Are you primarily focused on closing a deal, or are you genuinely interested in establishing a meaningful, long-term relationship? A customer-centric sales professional values relationship-building over immediate transactions.

Consider the timing of your self-references in a sales conversation. How far can you progress before diving into discussions about yourself, your products, or your company? If your primary focus remains on addressing the customer’s needs, you are embodying a customer-centric sales approach.

Lastly, assess your willingness to help customers beyond the scope of your immediate interests. Can you genuinely think about how to assist them, even if it doesn’t directly benefit you? Introducing them to relevant contacts, irrespective of your immediate gain, showcases a customer-centric mindset. Remember, by prioritizing their needs, you ultimately pave the way for your own success. As you navigate customer interactions, keep the focus on “you” rather than “me,” fostering a customer-centric orientation that lays the groundwork for significant success.


Jack Kasel
Sales Development Expert, Anthony Cole Training Group


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