Avoid Stalls, Objections, & Unanswered Calls – Stay Committed to the Process

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

There will be moments when a prospect wants your solution but you haven’t uncovered everything you require to properly identify what they need, and if you can even help. This may sound something like; “well why should I do business with you? What are you capable of doing that my current partner is not? What is this going to cost?  

Most salespeople would jump at the idea of an interested prospect, pitch their solution and rush their sales process to get to “the close” sooner. Often times we think that if we give them all the information they ask for and don’t challenge or push back, we will win. However, this is how we get stalls, objections, “think it overs” and numerous unanswered emails and calls. You are much more likely to lose a sale by pitching an unqualified opportunity than if you slowed down and were intentional with your questioning and overall process. 

We usually know what we need to do but, in the moment, we can waver by making justifications as to why this opportunity is different. Being a consultative salesperson and not just an order taker will set you apart from your competition and establish value with your potential buyer. But the difficult part is slowing down and staying committed to the process. 


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