Business Acumen: Develop your Sales Superpower


Hello everyone, this is Jack Kasel from Anthony Cole Training Group. If you’re in a producer’s role, whether it’s sales or business development, cultivating business acumen is essential. Each of you possesses a sales superpower – the ability to articulate the challenges faced by the customer or client before they do. This skill involves understanding their problems, the status quo of their company or industry, and seeing the world from their perspective.

Business acumen is the key to perceiving the hindrances and challenges impeding their business growth. It’s about comprehending their aspirations to strive and thrive. Every person you engage with, be it a company owner, CEO, or division manager, is striving to overcome challenges, bring in new talent, and expand into new markets. Simultaneously, they are thriving by increasing revenue and optimizing costs to enhance the bottom line.

By demonstrating this understanding, you position yourself as a trusted advisor who comprehends their world. The question to ponder is how deeply you can engage in a conversation with a prospect or customer before introducing your products, services, or company. Can you extend the conversation for two minutes, 20 minutes, or even two hours by focusing on their needs and challenges?

Your Business Acumen

A well-thought-out pre-call plan can guide you in articulating the relevant points during the conversation. Instead of entering a sales interaction with the sole aim of making a sale, shift your perspective to building a relationship. Ask yourself, “How can I establish a meaningful connection with this person?” Developing and exercising your sales superpower – business acumen – is crucial for success in this endeavor.

So, as you embark on your sales journey, remember that your sales superpower is not inherent; it requires consistent practice and refinement. Do you possess the business acumen to articulate their current situation before they do? Can you engage in a conversation without immediately discussing your offerings? If you can achieve this, you’re well on your way to becoming a sales superstar. Best of luck and happy selling.

Jack Kasel, Sales Development Expert
Anthony Cole Training Group


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