Sharing Fellowship with Great Minds: The Best Books for Sales Success

While there are many reasons for reading, I have always thought the best reason to be that reading allows us to share fellowship with great minds. Reading allows us to learn so much and in such a cost-effective way. Of course, some will say “I don’t have time to read” but that is simply an excuse.  We all have the same amount of time – it is just that some decide to read while others decide to do other things. Today I’m happy to share what I believe to be three of the best books for sales success.

The Best Books for Sales Success

Here are 3 books that have had a profound impact on me:

“Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott

This book taught me the power of every conversation. Susan believes that any conversation has the power to change the trajectory of the relationship that is shared between two people. After all, when we say we have a relationship with another person, that relationship is built and exists upon a multitude of conversations.  Perhaps the most important part of the book to me is how Susan describes “fierce” conversations. Those are conversations that are passionate and unbridled. If you are going to have a conversation with a prospect, make it a fierce one.

“13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin

This is just a tremendous book on the importance of mental strength. I have always believed that one of the things that separates top performers from mediocre performers is a relentless effort type of mindset. Amy believes that mental strength can be improved by regulating your emotions, managing your thoughts, and behaving in a positive manner despite your circumstances.  Chapter 1 covers the first of the 13 things – mentally strong people don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves. A great way to start (according to Amy) is by exchanging self-pity for gratitude.

“Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Gallo”

This book is about discovering the 9 public speaking secrets of the world’s best speakers. Carmine writes that “ideas are the currency of the 21st century.” The question is this – how good are you at presenting your ideas? The book is divided into three parts:

  1. Emotional – you need to touch the audience’s heart
  2. Novel – you need to teach your audience something new
  3. Memorable – you need to present your content in ways your audience will never forget

Great salespeople are great story tellers. Carmine shares a wonderful quote in Chapter 2 from Brene Brown’s TEDx talk in Houston in the year 2010:

“Stories are just data with a soul”

Stories provide emotional transportation – they can move your prospect from their current state (with a problem) to a preferred state (where you have solved their problem).

So here is to sharing fellowship with great minds. Are you reading me on that?

From Mark Trinkle, Chief Growth Officer
Anthony Cole Training Group


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