Ask the Sales Expert: Special Edition Sales Brew

Ask the Sales Expert: Top Questions from Our Top Sales Experts

This week, we are sharing a special edition of the Sales Brew- a panel with our sales experts!

In our work across the country, we field many sales questions from our training participants and decided it would be helpful to capture these questions, record our sales experts’ answers and share with all of our followers. You will see the personalities of 3 of our sales experts, Mark, Jack and Dan as they discuss these questions and answers. These are challenging sales issues all salespeople face.


Grab lunch, hit the play button, listen and learn!  

Questions We Asked Our Experts (with Timestamps)

Question #1: What do you love about sales?



Question #2: What are the skills that differentiate top performers from average performers?



Question #3: What is the best way to open a first-time meeting?



Question #4: What should I say/do at the end of the call when the prospect says they are happy with their current provider?



Question #5: What do you say when a prospect says when they are busy, and will call you back in 90 days?



Question #6: When a prospect goes dark, what do you do to get them back on the grid?



Question #7: What are the best ways to ask clients for referrals?



Question #8: How do you know when to walk away from a prospect?



Question #9: What are your best practices when using email?



Question #10: When you are to close a prospect and get them to commit, what do you say?



Ask the Sales Experts your own question!

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