Your Action Plan to Increase Sales: 3 Activities to Do Every Day


Creating an Action Plan to Increase Sales


Hello, everyone. I’m Jack Kasel from Anthony Cole Training Group, and I’m here to present the latest edition of Sales Brew. Today, we’re diving into your action plan to increase sales with 3 must-do daily activities. It’s crucial to remember that activity doesn’t guarantee productivity, but without activity, productivity remains out of reach. So, let’s discuss some proactive approaches to uncover opportunities that can drive your success!

Action Plan Item #1: Be Consistent to Find New Opportunities

First and foremost, consistency is key. Ask yourself, is this task a recurring item on your calendar? If it’s not, it’s time to start writing down and scheduling tasks that may usually slip away from you. Networking and opportunity hunting should never be left to chance; they must be deliberate and planned. And there’s no magic formula for this, I wish there was. Achieving this level of intentionality often boils down to sheer hard work.

Action Plan Item #2: Break Through the Noise

In today’s world, your customers and prospects are bombarded with distractions, from fluctuating interest rates to an unpredictable economy. Can you rise above the noise? One effective way is by demonstrating your business acumen. This means aligning your perspective with that of your prospects. For instance, if you’re engaging with a medical professional, show that you understand their world. You might mention industry insights you’ve gathered, like the challenges they face with stretched accounts receivables and the difficulty in acquiring technology due to the changing landscape.

Action Plan Item #3: Work on your video, email, and phone prospecting skills

Furthermore, remember that video prospecting is gaining popularity, with over 60% of people preferring video over email. If you choose to send an email, keep the subject line compelling, concise, and avoid wasting space with irrelevant pleasantries. Get to the point quickly and consider applying your business acumen to the written word. Keep your email concise with no more than two sentences per paragraph and limit it to 200-220 words. Always include a clear call to action to propel things forward.

When making phone calls, leaving voicemails can be an effective tactic. Keep these brief, around 15 to 20 seconds, and get straight to the point. Utilize a structured approach like, “We work with [target audience] who [pain point] because [reason].” Avoid the cliché “call me back when you have a minute” and instead, set a specific callback time, such as, “I’ll call you on Thursday at 10:00,” and ensure you follow through.

Lastly, after leaving a voicemail, take a moment to review it by hitting the pound key. This allows you to listen for any filler words or disruptions, especially if you’re using a mobile phone.

I’d love to provide you with a magical formula for success, but the truth is, it comes down to your determination to do whatever it takes to uncover your next opportunity. Use these tips to put together your own action plan to increase sales. Best of luck in your endeavors!

Jack Kasel
Sales Development Expert

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