24 Sales Tips for 2024 – From Our Sales Experts

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” (Melody Beattie) While New Year’s resolutions often fade to the sidelines by mid-February, focusing on changing your behaviors will help you succeed in 2024. Here are 24 Sales Tips from our Sales Experts for 2024. How will you incorporate these tips in 2024?

  1. Respond promptly to inquiries. According to Training Industry, 63% of buyers expect a response to their inquiries the same day.
  2. Use technology but be personal. Don’t rely on automated sequence responses.
  3. Remember – your ability to pursue greatly exceeds the prospect’s ability to ignore.
  4. Put your 2024 work plan (not business plan) in writing, sign and date it, make a copy for your direct report and review it during each and every coaching session. We have a work plan template you can download, Here.
  5. There is no such thing as time management; time manages itself very well. Everyone gets 1,440 minutes each day no matter how great or how poor a time manager we are. Use it wisely.
  6. Tying into #5 above, complete this sentence…“Each week without fail I will….” (these should be measurable activities that will help win business)
  7. Tying into #5 & #6 above, put those things on your calendar and guard them with great zeal and passion.  It’s an appointment with your most valuable customer and that person is you.  Don’t break the appointment.
  8. Pick up the phone and call someone. Do it again and again.
  9. Ask for testimonials, reviews, and introductions from your best clients. According to Training Industry, 69% of small businesses rely on reviews first to select potential providers.
  10. Stay committed to the activity. We know that it takes about 14 attempts to get in touch with a contact, but most salespeople give up after 3-4 attempts. If you are simply more committed than the salesperson sitting next to you, you will see greater success.
  11. Stay committed to the process. There will be moments when a prospect wants your solution, but you haven’t uncovered everything you require to properly identify what they need, and if you can even help. Most salespeople would jump at the idea of an interested prospect and rush their sales process to get to “the close” sooner. You are much more likely to lose a sale by pitching an unqualified opportunity than if you slowed down and are intentional with your process.
  12. Stay committed to your beliefs. Don’t sell off of price or discount. If you are selling a quality product, believe in the quality and don’t waver. Not every prospect is going to be a fit for your business and that’s okay. Go find more that do and don’t settle.
  13. Stay committed. If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, then you have what we call “conditional commitment.” Great salespeople are committed to doing what is required to be successful—even when the going gets tough.
  14. Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses.
  15. Be curious. Talk to your prospect like you are talking to your best friend or a family member. Have a conversation- ask questions, be inquisitive. Don’t let the pressure of selling something distract you.
  16. Salespeople should have a reasonable sense of urgency around selling. Managers should create a reasonable sense of urgency with your salespeople/teams.
  17. Figure out what motivates you and use that as your fuel.
  18. Encourage and support each other each and every single day.
  19. Fall in love with the word “no.” It will stop you from wasting your time with unqualified prospects. There is no reason to chase a rabbit that you will never be able to catch.  Remember it is not a sin to lose a sale, but it is a sin to lose a sale for a reason you should have known about earlier.
  20. Tying in to #17, make sure that you aren’t wasting time by talking to unqualified prospects. Download out free prospect scorecard Here. It’s a free tool that will help you qualify your prospects.
  21. Don’t let anyone tell you “no” unless they also have the power to tell you “yes”. Too many people wind up presenting to prospects who lack the authority to actually make the buying decision.
  22. Stop worrying about selling somebody something and start worrying about helping somebody. Simply have a goal of making somebody smarter for having met with you.  Try to find some way to help them.
  23. Always close the initial call with this question – “Is your problem just a problem, or is it a priority?”  That will help you better qualify prospects.
  24. Keep your skills sharp by reading valuable sales books. Our team has listed our best picks for sales and life success, Here.

Go write that first chapter of 2024 and make it an extraordinary year!

The Team at Anthony Cole Training Group


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