Happy Holidays from ACTG


Our family is big into movies. Our entire company is, actually. You’ll find us sharing clips or quoting scenes in our training sessions, company meetings, water cooler conversations, or just sitting around the dinner table. For the Cole family, one of our all-time favorites is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And to us, one of the best moments is when Gus, the father, has to explain why every word is Greek in origin.

As I was thinking about the end of this year, and the message I wanted to send to our family, friends, clients and partners, the word “new” kept coming to mind. And I thought of Gus. So I looked it up- the Greek word for New is νέος (neos). It can also mean young, fresh, start, or a beginning. The end of the year is often filled with excitement and joy as it’s a time for celebration. But beyond the holidays, preparing for a New Year either personally or professionally should be equally exciting and joyful. It’s the time for νέος (neos)- the promise of a new year, new opportunities, new friends, new babies, new prospects in the pipeline, new clients, new adventures and experiences.

Thank you to those who have been with us through the journey of 2023. All of us here at Anthony Cole Training Group want to wish you a fantastic Holiday season and a joyful New Year. I’m making a commitment to doing, starting, beginning something fresh and new in 2024, and I hope you’ll join me.


Alex Cole-Murphy
Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Anthony Cole Training Group


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