Sales Commandment #6: Thou Shalt Always Tailor Your Message for Resonance

Thou shout always tailor your message for resonance! Does your prospect have a problem that they have to fix? And are you speaking their love language? This video is a part of our new series with Mark Trinkle: The 10 Commandments of Sales Success. Watch Commandment #6 now!



Hi, this is Mark Trinkle, with Anthony Cole Training Group, and welcome to the sixth installment of our 10 part series on the 10 Commandments for Sales Success. Number six Thou Shalt Always Remember to Tailor Your Message for Resonance.

You know, one of the mistakes that so many salespeople make, and we see this around the country, is they are so wrapped up in what they can do, what their company can do, and how quickly can they get to the presentation or the proposal, that they skip the most important part of the process. And that is, you probably guessed it, does my prospect have a problem that they have to fix? You must always be speaking the prospect’s love language. That’s what it means when we say tailor your message for resonance. You need to be talking about things that matter.

Now, for my wife, her love language, Reese’s peanut butter chocolates, reservations for dinner, and I’m sorry in sweetheart, let’s do it your way. I’m generally at my best when I am speaking like that, because it speaks her love language. So how about you? Are you speaking your prospect’s love language? Are you preparing in your pre-call plan the questions that you need to ask that will allow that to happen?

I want you to remember, at the end of the day, your prospect. I know that you are well aware, they’re incredibly busy, but they’re probably thinking about two things when it comes to meeting with you or any other sales professional. Number one, the problems or the challenges that they’re having and they’re dealing with as they run their business today. And the second thing, and maybe the only other thing, they’re even remotely interested in any solutions you might have that could fix it. That’s what it means to tailor your message for resonance, that what’s what it means to speak your prospects love language. Are you talking about the things that they want to talk about with you? Thanks for listening. As always, have a great day.

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