Approach: Test

Can You Improve Your Existing Sales Force?

icon1_300origOur testing process provides growing companies with the timeliest and most accurate insights for growing sales, profits and market share. We look at your team, at your strategies and systems and can tell you if your salespeople can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and whether or not they belong in their current role.


With our Sales Evaluation:

  • You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better.
  • You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential.
  • You’ll understand which of your people won’t ever perform any better than they do right now and why.
  • We will analyze your pipeline for quality and quantity and report on the effectiveness of sales management.

We use the #1 Sales Assessment in the World


No more “ghosts” or “ducks”! We use the assessment that was the pioneer in the Sales Assessment Industry, used by more than 10,000 companies and on 650,000 salespeople across the world. Why do top sales organizations in the world choose to use them? Because the results go wider and deeper than other assessments and all of the findings are specific to sales and sales management.


Here’s why this tool is so effective:

  • Needs no administrative support
  • Has no software to learn
  • It is easy to understand and does not require interpretation
  • Candidate screens provide Hire/Do Not Hire Recommendation
  • Accurately (96%) predicts sales success in your unique business
  • There are also tools for evaluating current salespeople and sales managers
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