Linda Cole
President CEO & CFO

(513) 605-1302

Tony and I started Anthony Cole Training when our daughter, Alex, was born 27 years ago. In 2018 I became President CEO, CFO. My former title(s) always began with WIT (Whatever It Takes)–meaning I did whatever it took to get the job done as we grew from a two-person to a nine-person operation.  My responsibilities now include setting direction and goals, developing people, finding and applying resources, although Tony and I have done this together for years. I handle our financial responsibilities, legal matters, client issues, hiring and human resources. I also write many of the articles and published documents, including our book, Resurrecting Anthony: A True Story of Courage & Destination, and e-books, although I won’t claim Tony’s blog!

Prior to Anthony Cole Training Group, I was in B2B sales. I started the commercial division for a retail fitness chain called Busybody and sold treadmills, weights, cycles, rowing machines, lockers, etc to health clubs, spas, hotels and fitness chains throughout Texas and the southwest. This is how I met Tony, who was district sales manager for Nautilus Equipment. When we moved to Cincinnati, I went to work for Ramsey Business Interiors where I sold contract office furniture and furnishings.

I manage the care for our brain-injured son, Anthony, although he has three wonderful homecare nurses, excellent case managers and helpful and involved doctors. He is 32-years old, fully dependent and medically complicated. I like to run, do elliptical and lift weights for stress relief and I sometimes play tennis for social outlet. Most of my immediate and extended family are in Cincinnati and our home is where most events, including Sunday Family Dinner, take place so that Anthony can participate, is able to have a “normal” life and is surrounded by people who love him.

My strength’s finder test pegged me as a strategic and my passion is looking forward and setting a path, being creative and putting resources together to get to the next level. I love helping someone else grow and be successful. I believe in Paying-it-Forward and my favorite question is “How can I help?”

We are invested in all people and our Vision is to Improve Lives. “If you are lying awake worrying, we are lying awake finding solutions.”