Jeni Wehrmeyer

(513) 791-3458

I joined Anthony Cole Training Group more than a decade ago and it has been a great journey! My background includes 13 years in advertising sales and about the same in bank marketing. During my time at the bank, I handled the marketing for all the major divisions of our super-regional bank – commercial, retail and investments, including earning (with great angst!) my Series 7 license and helping with several major acquisitions. This was a great background for my role at Anthony Cole Training Group. I am blessed to wear multiple hats here, all of which I enjoy, including daily operations, marketing of our firm, client relationship management and creating and managing our team’s training materials. How much more fun can you have than that?!

During my off-time I can usually be found with my son Steven or in the woods hiking and when things are really good, I am doing both! I am blessed and thankful for all of the great co-workers and clients that I work with.