Sales Managed Enviroment® : Motivate Better

80% of Sales Managers Do Not Know the Personal Goals of Their Salespeople

motivateAs sales leader, if you do not know what motivates each of your salespeople to go the extra mile, you lack the power to motivate them. Don’t ever assume that you know! Ask your salespeople about their personal goals, and understand what drives them to come to work each day. Then you can show them how achieving their business goals will help them realize their personal dreams. It works!



Effective sales managers have developed these Motivator skills:

  • Have goals and a plan
  • Know what motivates sales people
  • Give recognition
  • Have strong self image
  • Have good bonding and rapport
  • Run effective sales meetings
  • Do not accept mediocrity
  • Take responsibility
  • Have a record collection that supports motivation

We will identify if your sales managers have these Motivator skills and help your organization implement goal setting and communication strategies to truly motivate the sales team.