Sales Managed Enviroment® : Sell Better

Why is Selling So #%&@ Hard?!

257513 - analytics bar chart currency diagram dollar earninImagine being in a position where you potentially face rejection 100 times a day. Or imagine a scenario where a prospect asks you a lot of questions only to take this information and use it to get a better deal with their current provider. How about a profession where your activity is constantly inspected and your compensation varies every day? That’s the World of Selling!


These are some facts we know about Highly Effective Salespeople:

  • They develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • They qualify the prospect to do business with them
  • They motivate prospects to make timely decisions

Highly successful people are successful because they have an effective and consistent way of selling and because they take responsibility for their activities and results.  We will take your sales team through a self-discovery process of understanding how to improve what they can control – their own sales activity and behavior. Self-discovery starts with each salesperson taking responsibility. Then we teach them the skills needed to effectively prospect, qualify and close more business.



Some of the tools that we use to help salespeople close more business, more quickly, at higher margins include:

  • An assessment to figure out their strengths and weaknesses
  • A consistent and effective selling system that works
  • A tracking of sales activities so choke points can be coached by sales manager
  • Here’s a case study about how we helped a sales team triple new business loans

I think the training was amazing. It gives me a training sequence that is replicable. The training provided me with a question asking technique that elicits an emotional response in a way that, with some practice, becomes routine. I love the phone calling technique, easy to use and different – I loved the training!

Financial Sales Person