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3 out of 4 Salespeople You Hire are Soon to be Sales Ghosts or Decoys



Salespeople you hired and who failed, costing you big money.

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Those who fooled you into thinking they are salespeople but are actually impostors.

Don’t let this happen to you (again). If hiring mistakes are costing your company, you can stop your problem now.

257511 - affiliate alliance audience business businessman cThere is a Science to Hiring Better Salespeople

Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers too) and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume. Candidates complete a comprehensive set of questions, the results are emailed to you and that powerful information is available before you are fooled by them or their resume.


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But there is more to hiring better salespeople than just the assessment. There are 3 key steps to ensuring that you recruit quality candidates.

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“Our new advisor shattered our expectations as a rookie rep. He generated over $7  mil in Advisory assets; he averages $30k in GDC per month and is connecting very well with the staff and members.”  (Client of Hire Better Salespeople)

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