Have a Sense of Urgency Around Selling

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

Don’t miss the 15th tip in our Top 20 Sales Tips for 2020 video series in which we discuss why having urgency within the sales process can make or break success.

But what does creating urgency look like?

Find out below!


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Video Transcript: 

Not having or creating a sense of urgency with prospects is one of the top sales opportunity killers. Many times, salespeople hear “I’m interested” or “this is a problem I need to fix” from a potential buyer and believe that means they are interested or need to fix it NOW. They end up rushing their sales process, pitching prematurely and then encounter stalls, delays, objections, or, even worse, radio silence. But what does creating urgency in sales look like? 

Creating urgency with a potential buyer means asking discovery questions to uncover problems, budget, decision-making processes, timeline, and the overall cost and consequences if the problem isn’t fixed. You have to understand how your prospect will buy. Remember, it’s their process, however, your questions and guidance can help drive urgency. You will see greater success with this process than attempting to sell off of the best price- the incumbent or competition is likely to win in that scenario.  

Additionally, urgency doesn’t just refer to dealing with current prospects but also how you handle and organize your calendar and day. As humans, we often avoid the most difficult tasks. In sales, that could be making prospecting calls, sending a follow-up email to an upset customer, utilizing social selling platforms, etc.  

How we spend our time during the day often ties to our top priorities. As salespeople, you get paid to find, qualify, and close opportunities. If you want to get paid, you must make the necessary activities for success a priority, while also having a sense of urgency.   

So, send the follow-up email the first time you think of it. Make the return phone call when you first get the message. Work when your competition isn’t.  You must go the extra mile to see results!