Solutions: Sales Talent Acquisition

Hiring the Wrong Salespeople is a 7-Digit Problem for Many Companies…


257511 - affiliate alliance audience business businessman cNo one sets out to hire their next “average” salesperson but, in fact, 75% of replacement hires are as bad as or worse than the salespeople they replaced! Finding and hiring better salespeople is serious business, so you need a system that works.

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) provides a 3-step systematic process for your organization to learn and implement:

Step 1:

Define Your Sales Candidate Profile & Hiring Standard: Establish the right candidate profile for your specific situation. Use this standard to compare. Challenge all candidates to meet your specific standards.

Step 2:

Build Your Sales Candidate Pipeline: Build a pipeline of potential candidates by using time-tested sales prospecting techniques rather than leaning on the far less effective Internet-based job boards.

Step 3:

Screen and Interview Your Sales Team Candidates: Utilize a sales specific assessment early in the process. Then use a properly constructed telephone pre-interview to bring in for a face-to-face interview.

While we cannot eliminate the challenge of hiring good salespeople, we can help your company develop a systematic and proven method to Hire Better Salespeople, those who will be successful in your organization’s culture. We will work with your team to help reduce hiring mistakes, resulting in big savings for your company.


The Big Idea: Know What You are Looking for and Stick to It!
If you want Zebras, hire only horses with stripes!