About: Why Us?

Why Us Working Together?

In the book, Inside the Magic Kingdom, Tom Connellon describes a scene where the seminar attendees are being addressed by the creator of the restaurant that sells hamburgers at Disney. After he finished his presentation, he asked if there were any questions. One person asked why he designed the restaurant in such an ornate fashion since “It’s just a hamburger joint.”

He told the group that when he was developing the plan and theme for the restaurant, he realized he couldn’t do much with a $2 hamburger.
So, he had better make the experience extraordinary.

What is special about Anthony Cole Training Group?

Not all sales development is created equal. Finding the right sales development partner – that is the key. 

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Our Content

We know, based on client input, that it’s
good, very good.  We know based on client results, it works.

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Our System

Our fine-tuned Effective Selling
System is proven to be practical, memorable and easy to implement.

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Our People

Our Sales Development Experts are salespeople and trainers and that makes all the difference.

Our Extraordinary, Unique Contribution is this:


When you have a problem, we have a problem. No other business partner will care about your success as much as we do.
When you lie awake at night, we lie awake at night.