Top 20 Sales Tips for 2020: Increase Sales by Setting Your Sales Priorities

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

Don’t miss the 5th video in our Top 20 Sales Tips for 2020 video series in which we discuss the importance of becoming a better Priority Manager in order to focus on “high priority” tasks to increase sales in 2020 and beyond.

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Video Transcript: 

Time is quite a phenomenon, isn’t it?  It feels like the older we grow, the quicker it seems to go.  Although this is not technically true from a scientific standpoint (everyone gets 1,440 minutes every day), “time management” has become a revelation in the business world.  How do the most successful people manage their time?  How do the best salespeople manage their pipeline, prospect, build relationships, and close business each and every week?

For starters, I want to get one thing out of the way.  There is no such thing as time management!  Time manages itself very well and always has.  However, there is such a thing as Priority Management and I’m here today to talk with you about it.

If you are going to become a great Priority Manager, first and foremost, you must understand your company’s top objectives.  Everyone in your company must be on the same page about where they want to go, how they plan on getting there, and what they have to do to make it happen. It is your job to be clear about these goals with your sales team.

Second, it is important that you demonstrate to your team the importance of taking care of the “little things in selling”.  Like in life, the little things are actually the big things, and it must become habit to block off time each week to prospect, follow-up with qualified prospects, update your CRM systems and pipeline, and check-in with your team on their daily, weekly, and long-term goals.

Finally, I want you to think of time management not as a “race against time”, but as an evolution into the way that your employees view their work.  Create a series of customized and targeted goals for your salespeople, rank these goals in terms of their value to the salesperson and the organization, prioritize high-value projects within your organization, and reward salespeople for focusing on these high-value projects.

Time manages itself very well.  However, we can’t always say the same about people and business organizations.  Stand out from the competition and prioritize where your salespeople should be spending their time.  You will be amazed by the results.