The Science of Selling

According to the CSO 2018 Consumer Poll, 83% of Americans want their financial institution to offer relevant online tools to meet their financial goals, and 77%* still want personal advice after they navigate the online options.*Study by Celent, May 2018, “Delivering Excellent Customer Service” (Banking)

The banking industry continues to experience dramatic change as it reconfigures the customer experience with the branch and digital access, fintech platforms, video banking and other innovative approaches to better serve clients.

Individuals and companies are looking for seamless integrated “smart” solutions that track and understand customer banking behaviors.

Your bank RMs need to be your most important “smart” solution; ready with a consultative approach to uncover a prospect’s needs and assist individuals and companies in making important financial decisions. That is where we come in!

Anthony Cole Training Group has an intimate understanding of the banking industry and deep domain experience delivering customized banking sales training programs that are targeted and specific. We work with all LOBs:


Proven Results

Our best-in-class sales specific analysis provides a roadmap for your customized banking sales training and development. We work directly with the sales leadership to implement a Sales Managed Environment® framework for coaching and motivating the relationship management team. Then we engage the RMs in the banking sales training, often by line-of-business, so that we can develop specific conversations to optimize engagement. We have delivered unparalleled results, evidenced by our multiple-year engagements with banking clients, some who have been with us for nearly a decade.

Community Bank

  • Doubled Loan Volume in 3 Years
  • Average Loan per RM from $8M to $20M

Bank-Owned Insurance Team

  • 150% Increase in Annual Sales in 3 years
  • 131% Increase in New Business Sales per Producer

Financial Advisor

  • Sales Goals Exceeded by 95% in 6 months

Client Results

  • 5+ Years Average Client Program Longevity
  • 93% of Participants surveyed consistently rate training programs as effective or highly effective

Our experienced sales development experts have firsthand experience and knowledge of banking. We understand the challenges of the industry. We are active and deliver many workshops annually for the top banking associations such as:


2021 Current Events

Over the course of our nearly 30 year history, we have developed The Bank Specialty Group which tailors sales training to bank specific areas based on the unique and changing competitive environment:

Create Engaging Conversations in the Branch of the Future

This skill-building workshop is laser focused on helping your retail bankers improve relationship building skills. With the CARE program, retail participants will leave with a 4-step sales process including these components:

1. Confident Positioning
2. Assessing Needs
3. Recommending Solutions
4. Expanding Relationships

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How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell

Competing for business in today’s banking world is a challenge with digital access and online services. Gone are the days when clients stopped in to make a deposit and walked out with a new CD or loan. Today your RMs must leverage every opportunity when a client enters the building. And they must be able to generate new business. Find out how to find, qualify and hire the best people for these critical sales positions.

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Business Banking Industry Focus

Bankers can no longer differentiate themselves with banking solutions alone. They must be industry experts, coming to the table with full industry knowledge, credibility and confidence in order to have robust conversations with business owners and CEOs. Find out how we can help your bank managers leverage resources such as Vertical IQ into their team’s selling approach to enhance RMs consultative skills. Listen to the recorded webinar we did in partnership with Vertical IQ below.

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