How to Remain Authentic When Using Technology

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

The advancement of technology has allowed us to do things we never thought possible- like wire money to loved ones within minutes, share silly cat videos on repeat, or write book reports without having to walk into a library! It’s also given salespeople a resource to learn more about their prospects, what’s important and of interest to them, and a number of different platforms to communicate with said prospect. Technology has also allowed for salespeople and managers to get in touch with more people, more quickly, to ultimately see more success. 

Though technology has had a significant, positive impact on the sales industry as a whole, it has also hurt our ability to remain authentic. Using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool is one of the smartest things you can do but if you aren’t sending a personalized message with every connection request, you’re missing the mark. Prospective clients need to know and trust that you are fully engaged and committed to helping them solve their problems. 

In order to do this effectively, we recommend that you; 

  • Personalize every outreach- that means every email, voicemail, text message, etc should be specific to them and their business.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  There is no excuse for not knowing about a prospect’s business these days. 
  • Send relevant, helpful content- you don’t always need to send them your company’s latest newsletter. Show that you are committed to helping them by positioning yourself as a resource that provides information pertinent to fixing their problem 
  • And, don’t rely on automated sequence responses. This won’t grab your prospect’s attention and will just make them feel like another number. 

How will you start using technology more strategically this year?  

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