Approach: Build Sales Cultures

Don’t Miss That Moment

257509 - accounts acquirer affiliate agreement allience audAndrew Grove, former CEO at Intel, told fast Company Magazine that there is at least one point in the history of any company when the organization must change dramatically in order to rise to the next performance level.  “Miss that moment and you start to decline.”

The companies who have had the most success with our programming have followed the process:  Test, Train and Track.  They have also adopted the Sales Managed Environment® and Effective Sales System as their own.  They have made a cultural shift; a decision to do business differently now and in the future.

Those companies who are most successful in implementing change are those who have what we call “table-pounding conviction” and who recognize the vital importance of knowing the answers to the following 19 questions:

  1. How does leadership impact our sales force?
  2. What are our current sales capabilities?
  3. How motivated are our salespeople and how are they motivated?
  4. Can we generate more new business?
  5. Can we be better at reaching actual decision makers?
  6. Can we shorten our sales cycle?
  7. Can we sell more consultatively?
  8. Can we more effectively sell value?
  9. Is our value proposition consistent?
  10. Can we close more sales?
  11. Do our systems and processes support a high performance sales organization?
  12. Can we be more consistent with our sales process?
  13. How well are our sales leadership strategies aligned?
  14. Do we need to change our selection criteria?
  15. Can we improve ramp up time?
  16. Can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?
  17. Can we improve our sales culture?
  18. Who can become more effective in their roles?
  19. What are the short term priorities for accelerated growth?

Source:  Objective Management Group, Inc.

Do you also recognize how vital it is that you understand the answers to these questions? Is your organization at this critical/ pivotal point? Are you losing sleep at night worrying that your company will be unable to survive and compete? Let us help.


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