Financial: Banking Specialty Group (BSG)

The Banking Industry’s Source
for Revenue Growth

For 25 years, Anthony Cole Training Group has served the financial industries, providing best-in-class Development, Evaluation and Training. Experts in growing people and revenue in banking, brokerage and insurance, we deliver unparalleled results, evidenced by our multiple-year engagements with clients, some who have been with us for nearly a decade.

We have an intimate understanding of the banking industry and the new and old challenges ever present in the form of regulation. Our many years in the financial world have equipped us to provide science-based and data-driven programs specific to the banking world.

The Bank Specialty Group offers modular training that is need-specific. Do you want to have your people prepped for an upcoming Call Night? Do you need to fine-tune a Product Launch? Would you like your people to be proficient in farming Centers of Influence for new business or performing Annual Client Reviews? Would your team benefit from a Personal and Business Planning Session or a primer on How to Survive and Sell in the Coming DoL Environment?

Review our menu of offerings. If you don’t see what you need, let us know. We are happy to build a program tailored to your bank’s needs.

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Retail: Maximize the Initial Call

Leverage This Opportunity with the Right Questions


A new prospect walks in the door and inquires about a checking account or a home equity loan. How effective are your account openers at asking the right questions to uncover that person’s full spectrum of needs? We work with banks and credit unions, augmenting their front end account opening system, to make their salespeople more courageous and skilled at asking questions and building that advisory process and trusted relationship from the start. Who knows? You may never see that customer again in your branch – this is your one chance!

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How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell

A 7-Digit Problem for the Industry


The banks we work with tell us that hiring bankers (and advisors) who are successful salespeople is difficult and a 7-digit problem for them. Do you need a better approach? Our Hire Better Bankers program utilizes a proven 5-step process for searching, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding salespeople.

For 20 years, we have been studying the science behind the “perfect hire”. We have become experts in this field of identifying the sales characteristics present in highly successful salespeople. We partner closely with Objective Management Group primarily for their highly predictive sales assessment.  The assessment gauges sales specific characteristics of candidates and focuses on 3 major areas: the Will to Sell, Sales DNA and Selling Competencies.

We combine this assessment with a unique job posting approach, effective interview screening process and an on-boarding coaching program once hire is made for faster ramp up,  We help your bank take the guesswork out of hiring bankers and advisors who can and will sell successfully.

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Product Launches

How to Ask the Right Questions of Target Clients


While typically banks are focused on serving the client holistically, they do roll out new products periodically. We can work with your marketing team to train your sales team on an effective way to indentify the right “zebra” (target client for that product), an effective approach for calling them and the best qualifying and closing questions to ask. This deliverable can be customized and integrated with the new product or brand that the bank is launching.

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Calling Efforts

Improve Your Team’s Phone Skills


A banker’s best calls, of course, are to their current clients, but it’s important that they are skilled when they call. We help salespeople do a better job on the phone cultivating those relationships and uncovering additional financial needs. Asking the right questions does not always come easy for bankers, so we help your salespeople develop and practice these skills. We also coach entire teams for special “call nights” and efforts outside of day-to-day calls. We can review or provide “scripts” (to be used as guides, not scripts) that will help your salespeople have a high number of “at bats” on the phone.

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Increase Your Business with Centers Of Influence (COI)

Gain Introductions from Your Advocates


Competing for business in today’s banking world is a growing challenge with the prevalence of online and remote access to banking services. So, bank relationship managers need to be very effective developing long-term and highly profitable relationships with their centers of influence. We will arm your branch and line of business salespeople with a proven approach as well as the tools to improve COI calling and scheduling appointments to dramatically increase your COI referrals and client relationships.

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On-Boarding New Salespeople (also great for Salespeople from Acquisitions)

Improve Ramp Up Time for New Salespeople


The Effective Selling System Immersion is designed to help our bank clients make new business banking, retail, commercial, private banking, mortgage and investment salespeople more effective in the first 90 days. We work closely with management to understand the specific areas of focus, train your salespeople on an effective sales process (customized to your bank process) and provide tools and accountability tracking for managers to inspect. Effective Selling System Immersion is a “soup to nuts” program that is essential if you need your new people to be productive quickly.

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Annual Client Reviews and Building Enduring Relationships

Make the Most of This Important Meeting


How effective are your salespeople at holding annual relationship reviews with their investment and business clients? This is an essential process for building long-term, enduring relationships and we have found that most of salespeople leave a lot on the table, undiscovered. We will take your bankers through the start of the conversation, asking for the review meeting and how to optimally prep for the session including understanding partner products. Most importantly, we will help them develop their skills at asking the right questions about what is keeping that business owner (or investor) awake at night. This annual opportunity, when done effectively, should lead to building advocates as well as additional revenue.

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Annual Personal & Business Work Plan

Inspire Your Sales Team to Reach Extraordinary Goals


Planning is not an annual event, but the creation of the plan usually is. We have a long history of helping our bank and credit union clients create the road map to meet and exceed company and individual goals. Motivation is an internal process so we help our bankers (who are usually strong with the numbers) find the inspirational side of creating a work plan. Why do people want to do well and excel? What’s in it for them? Bringing the personal goals together with a business Success Formula of sales activities needed to achieve revenue goals provides your salespeople with a road map they can work with all year long.

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