Sebastian Fuentes
Client Experience & Hispanic Cultural Specialist

Building relationships has been my passion as far back as I can remember.  I spent my childhood growing up in Maryland and often flying to Mexico to visit family.  No matter where I was, I discovered that kindness, confidence, and a good sense of humor always traveled well.  Making connections and understanding people never felt like work, so after graduating from Georgetown University, that’s what I pursued; I built a career in client relations, first in banking then in finance.

13 years in, what I learned as a kid still guides me professionally, as does my curiosity for cultures and communication.  I like to help people understand their clients, communicate effectively, and craft meaningful relationships.  I like to think that’s what I do best!

Regardless of your firm’s size, you owe it to yourself and your team to have a well-defined foundation for customer service.  Understanding the building blocks of great service empowers people to put their own stamp on their client relationships.  My aim is to implement a client service and retention strategy so excellent that your customers stay engaged, stay happy, and stay put!

I live outside of Baltimore with my talented wife and two beautiful kids.  During football season, you can find me cheering on the Ravens, preferably with a cold beer from Union Craft Brewing in my hand.  I’m a grilling and BBQ fanatic, but when I’m not firing up the coals, I love trying new restaurants and traveling with my wife.  Well, that’s IF my folks are up for babysitting.